Cockpit was established in order to realize the dream of home automation.
The belief that the process of building and managing smart home must be simple and accessible is the one that started the development work on the company’s technology in 2011. Our staff has experience of over 20 years in the field of smart homes systems.

Cockpit displays now the world’s most advanced home management app based on Z-Wave+ technology.
The system supports IoT (Internet of Things) and allows management of smart, cost-effective and efficient for all electrical appliances at home;
Ranging from turning on, turning off and dimming through lowering the shutters to the desired height, control of air conditioning systems and multimedia to manage scenarios to automatically turn on and off all electrical systems with just 1 click.

Cockpit app is user friendly, the installation process is simple and fast and it is accessible to… everyone.
Cockpit aims to make the smart home a base product for consumer intended to facilitate the management of the house everyday. Save unnecessary spending of energy enjoy state of the art technology at very competitive pricing.

Cockpit connects you to your home all the time and from anywhere on the globe.


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